Winter 2016

Expansion of our machine park

A new processing centre

Not only technically but also in terms of capacity, we always want to be at the cutting edge for our customers. By investing in a new processing centre, in which boards are milled and edges glued, we want to become even better as far as quality and process flow is concerned – and even more flexible as far as production capacities.

Our philosophy at Albert Holz

»When your surname is Holz – which means wood, in German – wood inevitably becomes more than just a material to you: it’s in your DNA, one of the basic elements of life. And so what you do with this element, how you work with it, becomes much more than just a job: it’s a life’s mission. And everyone working in our furniture business – we call it a manu-factory, because things still happen by hand here – everyone feels this same very special, sometimes almost mystical, elemental bond with wood. Wood lives, breathes, knows, understands – and so much more besides.«

Philipp Holz

Crafted in Wood