„Wood. Just a single syllable
– yet it conjures up a world of
fairytales and wonders.“

Theodor Heuss

„Our manufactory produces
individual furniture
in the premium segment.“

„Our passion is the development and production of high-quality home and office furniture in individual and series production, functional conference facilities, representative interior design and individual projects.“

„Representative rooms“

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„Individual interior construction“

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„Professional conference systems“

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„Our treasure trove. This is where the veneer is stored. Like the wine cellar for the viticulturist, this is almost a sacred place for us.“

Family Holz, Albert Holz GmbH


Holz Next.

Albert Holz GmbH is moving on to the next generation.

We are pleased that our family-run company with Manuel Holz as Senior Partner and Kai Volz as Managing Director is moving on to the next generation. Kai Volz is a master carpenter and product designer for furniture and interior design. He will continue the management of the company together with plant manager Peter Wenninger. Following our guiding principle "the future is our friend", we are in the process of transforming our company to ensure success and competitiveness in the future. Digital production processes remain subject to our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. This is what we will pass on to the next generation.

Crafted in Wood