Autumn 2017

Space for authenticity

The new office suite at Albert Holz

We all prefer to work in an attractive environment, and the spaces that we work in make lasting impressions – two facts that apply to us and our customers alike. So we have based our office suite at Albert Holz on an entirely new concept and given it a whole new look – making an even clearer statement about the standards we work to and the experiences we create. We look forward to welcoming you to our new offices – the ideal setting for expert advice and inspirational encounters.

Our philosophy at Albert Holz

»When your surname is Holz – which means wood, in German – wood inevitably becomes more than just a material to you: it’s in your DNA, one of the basic elements of life. And so what you do with this element, how you work with it, becomes much more than just a job: it’s a life’s mission. And everyone working in our furniture business – we call it a manu-factory, because things still happen by hand here – everyone feels this same very special, sometimes almost mystical, elemental bond with wood. Wood lives, breathes, knows, understands – and so much more besides.«

Philipp Holz

Crafted in Wood