Behind the scenes at Albert Holz is a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation, including five-axis machining and 3D design technology, sophisticated storage and packing systems and an intelligent quality management system.

All of which adds up to streamlined efficiency that benefits our customers. And yet we see ourselves not just as a factory but also as a » manufactory « in the traditional sense – derived from the Latin for › hand ‹ (manus) and › make ‹ (facere): a place where things are still crafted by hand, literally manufactured. It’s this blend of state-of-the-art precision technology and then traditional woodworking skills – as pieces are assembled by human hands, assessed by an expert human eye – that defines what we do. Tradition and innovation; craft expertise and the latest technology – 110 years of history combined with leading-edge machinery.

Five-axis machining centre
with edge-gluing unit

Industry-specific 3D CAD/CAM capability

Paternoster warehouse management system and Packing machine

We’re keeping the tradition of craftsmanship well and truly alive here in Burgstetten – but this has nothing to do with folklore or a romantic view of the past. As far as we’re concerned it’s our everyday work, setting the benchmark of excellence we aspire to. For us, outstanding craft production and the latest manufacturing technology go hand in hand. If we only had technology it would just be about numbers. Yet craft skills alone can never achieve the level of precision that machines can guarantee. Most important of all is finding the right balance – between mechanical precision and the unique quality of the handmade. The bench room, for example, still has the same floor it did in great-grandfather Albert’s day. The same woodworking benches, designed for working by hand. But this isn’t about retro-chic – it’s still a fully operational workspace. When you look at our furniture – at the meticulously crafted joints and sections, at the way the body of each piece is assembled – you can see the traditional cabinetmaker’s art weaving its magic, creating an expressiveness that no machine-made piece can ever replicate.

The veneer cellar

This is our treasure trove. It’s where we store our veneers, where our customers can touch, examine and select the wood we will use to make their furniture. These are top-quality noble woods – rosewood, cherry, elm. We feel the same way about our veneer cellar as a winemaker would about a wine cellar – it’s almost a sacred space.

The veneer shop

This is where the raw veneers are transformed into immaculate surfaces for the pieces we create. And the various surface materials – wood veneer, linoleum, composites and minerals – are bonded to their substrates: a process that requires meticulous attention to detail.

The metal and leather shop

This is where metals and top-quality leathers are cut, drilled and joined to create feet, fittings and handles – custom-made for each individual design, tailored to the customer’s needs, delivering the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.

The machine shop

Leading-edge production technology delivers optimum quality within the tightest tolerances, saving time, money and stress. The CNC machines in our machine shop – each with its own expert operator – deliver the ultimate in precision.

The bench room

This is not a historical showpiece but still an integral part of the overall process. It’s where individual sections are lovingly worked on by hand – applying the personal touch that elevates our products beyond the machine-made, making each one unique.

The finishing shop

Here our furniture is given its final finishing touches: surfaces are refined, treated or coloured, oiled or polished until the finished creation positively sparkles – each one like a gemstone, revealed in its full glory.

Assembly and dispatch

Once final assembly is complete and the top-quality fittings have been attached, each piece is subjected to the rigorous quality control that we take a pride in – exacting standards that are reflected in outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. Only after careful inspection is the furniture ready for dispatch. Our own in-house packing machine ensures that our products are appropriately and securely packed for timely transport to the customer.