At Albert Holz we grow in parallel with our customers, growing through the challenges we tackle and the projects we create together. Our customer base is growing too, and – as you can see here – if you care to join it, you will find yourself in the very best company.

Authenticity is all about connections, about relationships. Here at Albert Holz connections really matter to us – connections not just to the materials we use but also to the people we work with. Over time these connections have evolved beyond the standard customer-supplier relationships: they’ve become genuine partnerships. Building this kind of partnership calls for predictability and loyalty, reliability and openness on both sides. With many of our customers we’ve been co-operating – and this word seems very appropriate for the kind of relationship we maintain – for several decades now. Relationships like these only take shape when more than just business is at stake. This isn’t just about efficiency, or synergies, but about a shared philosophy, about mutual respect, even when differences of opinion occur, and above all about making good furniture. Because that, of course, remains our ultimate aim.


Client list

  • Haworth – Holland, USA
  • Walter Knoll – Herrenberg
  • Steelcase – Grand Rapids, USA
  • Holzmedia – Burgstetten
  • MartinStoll Kinnarps – Worms
  • Coalesse – Grand Rapids, USA
  • Interstuhl – Hadi Teherani – Meßstetten-Tieringen
  • Reiner Hebe – Leonberg
  • Lange Production – Kastholm & Fabricius – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Knoll International – Murr
  • Christoph Brenner – Gäufelden
  • Dietiker – Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
  • Interlübke – Rheda-Wiedenbrück
  • Tesat Spacecom – Backnang
  • Festo – Esslingen
  • Degussa-Hüls – Frankfurt
  • Lufthansa VIP Lounge – Frankfurt
  • British Telecom – London, United Kingdom
  • Bank General – Luxemburg
  • Telecom – München
  • Helvetia – Frankfurt
  • Wiesheu Werke – Affalterbach
  • Kerres – Sulzbach
  • Sperl – Weinstadt
  • Hotel Reber – Locarno, Switzerland
  • Condo – Hong Kong, China
  • D & D – Seoul, South Korea
  • Office of the Sheikh – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • DB Sony Tower – Berlin
  • Handelsbank – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Belvedere Hotel – Weimar
  • Mathoi – Innsbruck, Austria
  • Petris – Athens, Greece