At Albert Holz we work with wood veneers, natural materials and industrially manufactured composites. Yet that simple phrase »working with« merits closer attention: choosing the right materials is a process anchored in knowledge, at once technical, intuitive and sensual – a close attentiveness that’s almost like listening to the way the different materials talk to each other.

Technically, in terms of our industrial capability and our in-house expertise, we can work with just about any kind of material. Which includes any kind of wood. Working across a range of materials is something we love to do. This solid foundation also generates a love of experimentation. Incorporating materials like stone or glass, or any kind of metal – from stainless steel to bronze. Constantly asking ourselves questions – which metal works best with a particular surface? And what’s the best kind of finish in each case – brilliant or chrome, brushed or satin, tinted or natural? There’s a difference here between superficially » using « a material and really being able to process that material: here at Albert Holz we have the vertical manufacturing capability and the knowledge to make materials work for us. Our expertise extends to bonding glass, processing acrylics, and creating injection-moulded parts and extruded aluminium profiles. Ultimately it’s all about owning the process – and our sense of ownership is reflected in the array of tools and dies we have specially developed in-house to optimise both the process itself and the final product.

Integration of multimedia technology, adjustment technology, screen/display technology and lighting technology.

Where experimenting meets expertise.

New effects are often generated by experimenting with new material combinations. Which brings us back to experience. Knowledge of how specific materials complement and interact with each other is something that can only be acquired over time. Building a network of reliable partners also takes time – and here too, knowledge holds the key. Knowing who can supply what. Whose standards and values match ours. Who speaks the same language. Whose specialist expertise can add value to our own – whether it relates to veneers, glass, laminates, metals or leather. All based on the realisation that we can’t do everything ourselves. Our own core of expertise, meanwhile, is something we don’t ever give away and it underpins everything we do. Expertise in wood and materials, in transforming creative designs into effective realities.

»Almost all our staff are woodworkers by trade. Even our office staff! There’s just one exception – and he’s a trained metalworker. Needless to say, he looks after our metalworking department. At Albert Holz, expertise is our default setting. Everything we make must be authentic.«

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