The journey from the design stage to a finished piece of furniture is often long and incremental, involving multiple adjustments and calibrations – it’s a process in which experience and technical expertise come into their own.

The central issue here isn’t whether the design came from us or our customer. It’s about turning that design into reality – transforming an idea into a manufacturable object. A piece of furniture that represents genuine value for money; that delivers excellence in design while meeting the customer’s needs in every respect. And this, precisely, is our territory: at the point where design and economics, ideas and feasibility meet. Here we mediate, identifying solutions – not compromises – compatible with both design and production, and delivering both aesthetics and efficiency. There’s a real joy in this process: when what at first seemed an impossible challenge becomes a genuinely exciting and realisable project.

Design & product development

Our palette of services ranges from the initial design through prototype construction to series production. We’re highly design-oriented, able to work conceptually and collaboratively. We can help others draft their own designs – or undertake entire projects independently.

Concept & project planning

Our extensive experience covers all aspects of project planning, making for transparent and efficient results: from budgeting through planning and production to installation.

Production & realisation

Our highly qualified team applies state-of-the-art production technologies – drawing on a vast fund of practical knowledge about what works and what doesn’t; about how to turn ideas into reality.

Wood understands

Far-reaching decisions are taken at the desks and tables we produce. And so we take our decisions – about the best form, material and surface to facilitate these management functions – every bit as seriously. As specialists in premium executive and office furniture we know that we’re dealing with a world where excellence matters. Value is the rule here, not the exception; because when it comes to functionality, design and perceived quality, business leaders demand the very best. So we also assess each piece of furniture according to its visual impact, the image it conveys, how it feels and how it functions. How good it is to work with – and to live with. Our instinct for excellence is built on more than 50 years’ experience in the management sector.

Our specialisms

Bespoke executive furniture,
One-off and series-produced
office furniture,
Top-quality desks,
Complete interiors,
Functional conference suites,
Prestigious reception areas

Wood supports

Our quality strategy is as straightforward as they come: the entire production process is entrusted to the capable hands of skilled woodworkers, with certified master cabinetmakers supervising the critical points along the way. Consequently, every piece of furniture we make passes through many expert hands. We make sure everyone does what they’re best at – and their best is truly top class. We firmly believe that genuine expertise is a prerequisite for delivering genuine quality. So we invest in one in order to guarantee the other. We have our own master craftsman in charge of surfaces, for example, with sole responsibility for selecting and matching veneers in line with the highest quality standards. And a dedicated team member for each machining centre in our machine shop, looking after every last step.

» An expert at every key stage
of the process. «

Family Holz

Others have a work-life balance – at Albert Holz we have a wood-life balance.

It might sound like a cliché but working here isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. We’re so fortunate to be doing work that we love on a daily basis through all the minor ups and downs – work that brings us pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment. Admittedly the quality standards we set ourselves mean that this life is never entirely easy. We’re hard to satisfy, with an exacting pride in our craft, our creativity and our workmanship. So we’re always alert to possibilities, to new ways of doing things – better production techniques; new ways of combining materials that no one has considered before. This restlessness drives us on and stops us becoming complacent. Every day we strive to become just that bit better.

Albert Holz - Added value

So far we’ve told you a good deal about us, our values and how we work. Now it’s time to talk about you – and about what you can expect when you work with us.