Our philosophy is embodied in what we do, rather than what we say. Which means it isn’t something you can read about so much as feel, literally at your fingertips, whenever we’ve had a hand in the matter: in a veneer, an edging, a table, in every individual piece of furniture that leaves our premises. They may not always bear our name in letters – but in every case our signature is unmistakable.

Ask what we do and we need only point to our company name: Albert Holz GmbH – Fine Furniture Manufacturers. So far, so good, but that’s not the whole story. Because we do so much more than manufacture pieces of furniture. We conceptualise and design them, develop them, realise them. We give form to our ideas at the start of the process – and put the finishing touches to our creations at the end. And the production process in between is carefully planned – including transparent budgeting, dependable scheduling and stringent quality control. Our range of services extends from product development through to production; from bespoke pieces to series production; from design drawings through prototyping to technical realisation – and to installation, too, at the customer’s request. All of these processes are focused and purposeful – designed to create furniture that speaks its own, unique language.

Intelligent designs, crafted to perfection:
a desk, a conference table, or complete interiors.

Naturally unique.

Strictly speaking, every desk, every sideboard, every reception desk we manufacture is unique: veneer is a natural product and no two pieces are ever identical. So even when we make items in larger numbers, we’re actually creating a series of one-offs, paradoxical as that may sound. Of course, we also create one-of-a-kind designs – individual pieces with a specific form or function which are, naturally, quite unique.

Wood lives

Here at Albert Holz, few things are more important to us than working closely with our customers to pinpoint their exact requirements – finding the right structure, the perfect form, the optimal spatial configuration, the ideal surface. Our core business is bespoke executive office furniture. Our niche is the premium segment. Our passion is wood – and everything it can be used to create. Like our natural material, the family tradition lives on. So far, our company’s history has spanned four generations, from the first Albert Holz, its founder, whose name the business bears to this day, to his great-grandson Philipp Holz, our present-day Managing Director and custodian of a proud heritage. The story starts in 1902, with an entry in the trade register that officially licenses Albert Holz » to practise the trade of carpenter «. It’s a story that leads from carpentry to manufacturing, from traditional rural cabinetmaking to contemporary executive furniture. A story of more than 120 years’ experience in crafting top-quality materials. And of a priceless fund of knowledge, passed on within both the family and the business – vertically from generation to generation, and horizontally from one part of the company to the next – in a process that continues to this day. Our story is full of changes – transformative processes during which we’ve always endeavoured to retain the things we value while creating something new. Because both these factors – both our heritage and our creativity – drive us forward as a company. We invest time, money and energy in fostering this blend of tradition and progress – investing in the quality of our products and processes, in new technology and in our people. After all, who is to say that a 120-year-old company, with a rich tradition to its name, can’t keep reinventing itself?

Four generations
and 120 years later.

So the roots of our family company go back to great-grandfather Albert Holz, making traditional rural furniture in his village carpentry. The workshops where he planed and sanded still form part of the workspace at our present-day premises. The 1950s marked the first turning point on the path from carpentry to manufacturing: it was through his acquaintance with interior designer Herta Witzemann that Albert’s son Oskar Holz began designing and producing concept and designer furniture for renowned architects. Shortly after this, the company started manufacturing bespoke furniture for Behr, the legendary Stuttgart furniture retailer. In 1966, at the age of 20, Oskar’s son Albert took over the business. In the 1970s he set up the furniture store » Die Einrichtung « in Stuttgart. The new store became a showcase for the company’s products – and interior design became a new business line. During the 1970s, Albert Holz – both entrepreneur and designer – guided the com-pany further along the path of its present-day success: producing premium office furniture. The next generation handover came in 2010. Today, under family Holz’s leadership, the company continues to manufacture executive furniture for international furniture brands.

How it all began: a short illustrated history

  • 1902

    The company is founded
  • 1912

    A new workshop is built
  • 1902–1933

    Bedroom furniture specialist
  • 1933–1953

    Furniture and interior fittings
  • 1950–1960

    Interior fittings for pharmacies
  • 1960–1970

    Top-quality interior fittings
  • 1970–1980

    Small-series production
  • 1980–1990

    Collaboration with a specialist in upholstered furniture
  • 2011

    Red Dot Award
  • 2013

    Technical know-how
  • 2014

    Our new veneer cellar
  • 2015

    Our image brochure
  • 2017

    Our new office building
  • 2020

    Exclusive custom-made pieces
  • 2021

    Enhancing living space
  • 2022

    120-year anniversary
  • 2022

    New Managing Director Kai Volz
  • 2023

    Neuer Betriebsleiter Axel Stanke


The village carpenter’s workshop becomes a bedroom furniture specialist, thanks to contacts with Schildknecht, Stuttgart’s first furniture retailer.


The company expands its range of expertise, specialising in furniture and interior fittings, and sets up its first ever showroom in its home town of Burgstetten.


Contacts with leading Stuttgart architects generate a new business line: interior fittings for high-end pharmacies.


Albert Holz becomes a supplier of top-quality interior fittings – again a key role is played by personal contacts with leading figures in interior design and furniture including Herta-Maria Witzemann, Erwin Behr, Christian Holzäpfel, Willi Fehlbaum and Horst H. W. Brüning.

Eight milestones – among many


Small-series production of office furniture began in the mid-1970s.


In the 1980s, collaboration with Dreipunkt of Donzdorf – a specialist in upholstered furniture – led Albert Holz to specialise in high-end office furniture.


Albert Holz has designed furniture for a host of leading brands – among them Walter Knoll, Kill International, Interlübke, Knoll International, Fröscher, Samas Office, Interstuhl, Steelcase, Kinnarps and Holzmedia. Including this desk and shelf unit, for example, which won a Red Dot Award in 2011.


Five-axis machining centre with edge-gluing unit and industry-specific 3D CAD/CAM capability.


This is our treasure trove. It’s where we store our veneers, where our customers can touch, examine and select the wood we will use to make their furniture. These are top-quality noble woods – rosewood, cherry, elm. We feel the same way about our veneer cellar as a winemaker would about a wine cellar – it’s almost a sacred space.


Discover our image brochure all about the Albert Holz company. In a beautiful way, we lead you through our furniture factory, in existence for over a hundred years. Learn about us and the way we work, our feel for perfect furniture and how to make it happen professionally.


We have spared no effort in creating our new offices and meeting rooms, devising a compact and beautifully formed working environment that encapsulates to perfection what we and our customers are all about: authenticity, human values and an instinct for excellence.


Our family-run company with Manuel Holz as Senior Partner and Kai Volz as Managing Director is moving on to the next generation. Kai Volz will continue the management of the company together with plant manager Peter Wenninger.


Auch unsere interne Entwicklung unterliegt einem fundamentalen und dauerhaften Wandel, den wir durchaus aktiv und permanent vorantreiben. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen in diesem Jahr unseren neuen Betriebsleiter Axel Stanke vorzustellen.